Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

As an organic olive oil producer, you will find our knowledge and expertise evident in our "all star" collection of award winning extra virgin olive oils, and naturally flavored and fused olive oils. They represent the largest bulk collection of fresh, single cultivar, premium quality extra virgin olive oils in the United States. Our Ultra Tracibility Standard dictates that each olive oil is supplied to you with with crucial product information including: crush date, polyphenol (antioxidant) level, FFA, oleic acid, peroxide value (all measured at the time of crush), country of origin, tasting notes, recipes and application suggestions and more.

We also offer over 30 of the finest, bulk, Solera Aged and naturally flavored balsamic vinegar condimento from Modena, Italy. Both our white and dark barrel aged balsamic condimentos are certified to come from Modena, and are the highest quality available. Our balsamic condimento are aged in old, seasoned wood casks which impart flavor and terroir from residual grape must that was previously aged in the same barrel for decades. This time honored attention to quality and detail results in an exceedingly smooth, dense, complex product which cannot be immitated.